Upstart Review

By: Cooper Haywood
Last Updated: April 07, 2020
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Upstart is a great solution to those in their twenties who are finding it difficult to obtain a reasonable personal loan elsewhere. Their interest rates are competitive with the other peer-to-peer lending companies, plus they’re willing to lend to those who have thin credit histories, whereas many companies are not. If you’re a young adult who doesn’t have a lengthy credit history, but has a decent credit score, and are looking to pay off debt (credit card, medical, auto, or student loans), or finance a larger purchase (such as a wedding or travel), then Upstart’s personal loan is a good fit.

Quick Facts

Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Duration
36 months
4.67% - 29.99%
Origination Fee
1.0% - 6.0%
Days to Close
30 days

Expert Walkthrough

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About the Author

Cooper is a former equity research professional/finance analyst who holds an MBA in Financial Instruments and Markets from New York University's Stern School of Business. He left the investment banking world in 2015 to become a full-time investor. He contributed to InvestmentZen as an financial product analyst from 2016-2017.

Upstart Reviews

Credit Karma 2014-11-24

I was a little skeptical at first because of the low rates and the easy/online application process... I thought for sure there would be hidden costs and that it was too good to be true. So I researched online and read all these other great reviews and decided to go for it. I applied, got an awesome rate, verified my info online and over the phone, and saw the funds deposited this morning! I read through the terms/condition (i.e the promissory note, loan agreement, etc) with a fine tooth comb and am very pleased with how Upstart does business. Happy to be working with them and would definitely recommend to others.

Super Money 2014-05-04

This company means it when they say that you have to have a good credit score, and a college degree. I had to apply twice before I got a loan. I waited a few months until my credit score went up a little bit. Fortunately, I do have a degree with student loans to prove it. The customer service is pretty good, the interest rate was really good, but my loan origination fee was higher than I thought it would be. Still better than a lot of other loan companies with crazy interest rates.

Best Company 2015-08-26

Upstart provides a much needed service for our generation! Many of us are graduating from college with debt to predatory credit card companies that we foolishly signed up for during our education. Upstart offered me a way of managing this debt and creating a solid plan for paying off my credit cards and getting my finances under control! Thank you to everyone who showed so much patience and even took time to make sure their offer was the most beneficial strategy FOR ME!

Nerdwallet 2016-01-29

The only issue with upstart is that any overpayment is applied to future payments rather than principal in the period. They don't inform you when you set it up unless you have some financial savvy. I noticed my overpayment was going to principal in the current period when my amount due started decreasing. I noticed and they stated that you can't make auto debit payments on the due date but you need to make it earlier for it to be applied.

Trust Pilot 2015-07-29

This was a great experience, and at a time when I was going to have difficulty getting a loan because some of my cards are maxed. This allows me to bring my credit score back up by bringing my revolving balances back down, knowing I will have them paid off in 3 years or less. My loan advisor was awesome and friendly and the follow through was superb.