TradeKing Advisors Review

By: Han Chang
Last Updated: April 02, 2020
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TradeKing Advisors
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TradeKing Advisors could be worth checking out when you are in need of an investment manager that is professional. It also has a very low fee and a minimum deposit. Its service isn't much different or unique as compared to other robo-advisors, but could be more of a fit if you like to occasionally try your hand at picking stocks since it's part of a discount brokerage.

They offer two different portfolio types: Core and Momentum.

Core Portfolios only trade classic ETF/ETNs (exchange traded funds / notes) representing various asset classes and requires just a $500 minimum investment.

Momentum Portfolios are more actively traded and is rebalanced every month based on market conditions and requires a $5000 minimum investment.

You can also choose between five different portfolio allocations based on your risk:reward tolerance - Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Growth, Growth, and Aggressive Growth.

Only ETFs are traded to maintain diversification and minimize fees, and include funds that invest in both real estate and commodities.

Quick Facts

Minimum Deposit
Assets Under Management
$8.3 Million
Year Founded
Number of Users

Fee Structure

Account ValueAnnual Fee


Single Stock Diversification
Direct Indexing
Tax Loss Harvesting
Fractional Shares
Human Advisors

Supported Account Types

Taxable Accounts
401k Plans
IRA Accounts
Roth IRA Accounts
SEP IRA Accounts
Trust Accounts
529 Plan Accounts

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Han Chang, M.Sc. is cofounder of InvestmentZen. An alumni of Boston University with a Masters degree in Computer Science, Han has extensive work experience on Wall Street developing black box trading algorithms for high frequency trading firms. He also has worked in Silicon Valley as a web developer for companies like OKCupid and General Assembly. He is passionate about the role of technology in crowdfunded investments. Han is also an early cryptocurrency adopter, having bought his first Bitcoin in 2013. His advocacy for a more open decentralized financial system has been featured on TheHill.

TradeKing Advisors Reviews 2016-03-01

For active investors seeking low-cost trades (plus no hidden fees) and above-average trading tools, TradeKing provides the kind of service you’d expect from a much pricier, high-minimum platform. Options traders in particular will appreciate its strong selection of options and its inexpensive (and easy-to-calculate) flat-fee commission schedule. Cost-conscious active traders may be surprised at how much they can get for so little at TradeKing. 2015-11-09

TradeKing Advisors is a platform well worth investigating if you're looking for professional investment management at a very low fee and $500 deposit minimum. Though the service is not unique compared to other robo-advisors, it's suitable for investors who like to also pick their own stocks. For years, TradeKing has been recognized as one of the best discount brokerages out there. TradeKing is inexpensive, and offers a number of tools aimed at helping investors make the most of their money.