Capital One Investing Review

Last Updated: June 26, 2017
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Capital One Investing


Special Sign Up Promotions
Get $50 after your first trade plus up to $600 when you open a new account.

Quick Facts

Minimum Deposit
Trade Commission (Stock)
$6.95 per trade
Trade Commission (Option, per trade)
Trade Commission (Option, per contract)

Capital One Investing Fee Structure

Trade Commission (Stock)$6.95
Trade Option (Option, per trade)$6.95
Trade Commission (Option, per contract)$0.75
Broker Assisted Trade$19.95
Mutual Fund Trade Fee$19.95
IRA Annual Fee$0.00
IRA Account Closing Fee$75.00

Capital One Investing Tradeable Instruments


Capital One Investing Features

24/7 Support
Virtual Trading
Retail Locations10
ATM Fee Reimbursement
Checking Account
Savings Account
Commission Free ETFs0
Clearing CompanyPershing

Supported Platforms

Trade on your terms. Whether you prefer the power of a native desktop client, the convenience of a web platform, or the mobility of an iOS or Android app, make sure that the brokerage you select works the way you like to work.


iOS Tablet

iOS Phone

Android Phone

Expert Walkthrough

Coming Soon!

Capital One Investing Reviews

Money Smart Guides

Great for starters with low budget The ideal clients for Sharebuilder are investors without a lot of money. If you are just getting started with investing and only have $100 or so to invest each month, Sharebuilder is a consideration for you. You can create an automatic investing plan or use the ETF Portfolio Builder and call it a day.

Brokerage Review 2016-08-18

Perfect for passive investors If you are looking to invest automatically (dollar-cost-average your investments) or want a cheap way to create a portfolio consisting of ETFs, then Capital One Investing is one of the best options available. The company is definitely leaning more towards passive investment style, therefore active investors or anyone looking for advanced tools, products or services from their brokerage should check out other online brokers.

Top 10 Reviews

Low costs for trading and no initial investment needed Capital One Investing has relatively low trading costs, doesn't require an initial investment and offers risk vs. reward tools. However, this online stock trading service is lacking important features and doesn't offer much in the way of educational resources.


Great choice for newbie traders Capital One Investing is clearly angled toward beginner investors, and it has the tools to help them build a solid base, along with low commissions and no account minimum. The brokerage’s automatic investment plan is a winner, and Capital One banking customers in particular will enjoy the administrative ease of putting all of their accounts under one roof. But advanced traders will want a larger investment selection and access to a trading platform.

Investorjunkie 2016-08-13

Low fees plus automatic investing Use Capital One Investing as your standard online brokerage investment firm, but with the benefits of low fees and automatic investing. 2016-02-22

Trading and research just got easier Capital One Investing is a great fit for investors seeking automatic investment plans, and customers of Capital One 360. It also offers casual investors an easy way to research and trade.